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A Dormant Howl


The Harvest
Supernatural Romance

The Harvest

Farrah Norris was born fifty years after half the world’s population was eradicated by a virus that could have been prevented. Her life is now dictated by a government that lead a crusade against the rightful government. Now her choices and her free will are no longer deemed relevant or encouraged. Farrah’s life is only seen as a means to rebuild, by reluctant consent, or by... force.

But there is more to Farrah than her anatomy. There’s more to her than her mind or physicality. Her worth runs deeper, and it can only be found in her blood stream.


Dominic Tornio isn’t the hero of this story. He’s no saint, he’s no archangel, nor is he a martyr. He is, however, her savior. He’s meant to be her protector, her safety net. He’s not meant to fall for her. She’s forbidden. But if he can’t have her, no one else is good enough for her either.


Cameron Rutledge is just an heir and heirs need another heir to retain power. Power in numbers. He’s a pawn in the government’s game, and he thinks what he’s doing is for the benefit of his country. He doesn’t want his pairing, but he doesn’t want anyone else to have her either. So, he sends her off to pasture to do what’s best for the country against her will. Little does he know, she’s worth more to him besides him, then as a breeding heifer.


The Harvest is a tale of what could happen if we let those in power have too much rope. It’s a dark tale of what could happen if zealots get too much control. The Harvest is a cautionary tale of telling false information and only caring for no one else but yourself.

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