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Time for a Tease

Hello avid and supportive readers. I thought since this is the beginning of a new week, ya'll deserve a sweet gift form me - your dear author. So, enjoy a couple of teasers from A Dormant Howl - all beautifully made by NoAnna Bown. And this sweet cover was made by my friend and fellow author - Leah Moralez.

I hope you all liked these. They were taken from chapters 7, 8, and 12. The book is only available on Inkitt until it is ready for publishing. If you're interested to read more, then go to Laurie_writes_stories on Inkitt and check it chapters 1-13, now ready for reading.

Until next time, we have another author feature coming out March 15 - Leah Moralez. And I hope to have an artist feature out by the end of this month. Stay tuned and tune in. Have a good week, guys!

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