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Teaser Chapter: Dreaming of Wilder.

Cover designed by Myria Candies of Instagram

Chapter 7: Dran’s VIP Room


Tonight was the night. Seeing Dran in his element was such a rush. He took charge and I loved it when he was in control. What to wear, what to wear? I thought to myself. The music I was playing took me away as I began singing and dancing along with the upbeat tempo.

As I lost myself in the words and beat. Suddenly, I felt two rough hands resting on my hips and began swaying with me. So, I started singing along again.

As soon as I turned around, there he was. He held me to him, out of breath, smiling ear-to-ear. “That was quite the show, baby.” He was on fire and I was burning for some of those embers.

“If I knew you were watching me, I wouldn’t have continued.” I stretched to give him a tender kiss.

“That’s why I didn’t say anything.” He pinched my cheek before he sat on my couch. “What are you wearing tonight?”

My curiosity peaked. “Not sure, want to help me choose?”

He nodded with excitement.

I tried three different looks, but it was the last one that intrigued him.

I raised my voice, so the female robot understood my musical request. Once it began, I appeared. I put on one of my many risqué shirts, a steampunk style, a black corset top with lace detail. It tied in the back with buckle details and chains dangled on my waist. I don’t go out much, but when I did, I knew what would get me the attention I wanted, especially from him. I paired the top with Gothic black rustic leather pants with a bullet belt holder. Finishing off the look, I matched black stiletto boots with a black leather trench coat that cinched in at the waist.

When I emerged from my bedroom, I swear I heard his jaw drop on the floor. I giggled a little because I knew he loved this outfit.

“Del, if you wear this tonight or any other night I don’t know if we’d ever leave my bed.”

“I guess I look okay?” Again, I snickered. I knew I looked better than okay.

“No, no, no—you are much better than okay. You look ravishing, delectable, mouthwatering!”

“Down, boy!” I teasingly swatted his hand away from my ass.

“Oh, no, don’t you dare.” And with what felt like one swift movement, he sprang to his feet, threw me over his shoulder, and tossed me onto my bed.

Without warning, his mouth devoured mine, full-on war for control over each other’s bodies. But this was not how I was going to give myself to him. I knew he would regret it too. So, I was relieved when the door flung open.

“Okay, bitch...your queen is here!” A gasp escaped my sister’s mouth. “Oh, well now, the Greek God is skipping drinks and going right to a nightcap.”

We both struggled to stand, and he tried to hide his excitement. “Romy—hi. I thought you’d be calling me first.” I seethed.

“I was, and you weren’t picking up or answering my texts, now I see why.”

I instinctively elbowed her in the gut, and she collapsed in pain. “Excuse me while I fix my hair. Romy, be nice and behave.” I shot a death stare.

“Oh, whatever. Mr. Wilder and I will get along fine.” She sat down on the couch and patted a spot for him to sit beside her.


I cleared my throat. “Wilder isn’t my last name.”

She looked surprised. I don’t use my real last name, so I don’t know why I said that to her.

“W-what?” I could barely hear her as she gasped. “What do you mean?”

“It’s a part of my middle name, but I use Wilder as my stage name.”

“What else are you hiding and does Delores know?”

I could feel the sweat pool on my upper lip. “No, she doesn’t know yet. But I will tell her.”

“What is then?” She was annoyed and skeptical. I didn’t blame her.

“I won’t be telling you before I tell her, Romy.”

Rising from the couch, she rolled her eyes and stomped off into Del’s bedroom. It better be dropped for now.

Coming back, Romy returned to her cushion on the sofa beside me with her arms crossed. She had the same fire Delores has, but it didn’t get me going like Delores does.

I had to address what she walked in on.

“Before you give me the third-degree about something else, you do know we’re both adults and if we want to make out, hook up or even just sleep in her bed, we can.” I didn’t need to explain my feelings or my actions with her sister, but I knew if I didn’t, then my relationship with Delores wouldn’t get anywhere.

I appear to have annoyed her for a second time. “I get that Dran, but you don’t know half the crap she’s been through, so you could understand my hesitation in what your intentions are. If it’s only one quick lay and then MIA, I know where you work, and I know you’re three times my size, but I will chop your manhood off and feed them to your dog if you hurt my sister.”

“First off, I don’t have a dog. Second, I could never and would never intentionally or unintentionally hurt my do not need to worry. Del is safe with me. And if all I did want was her body, which is fantastic by the way, I would have had it already.” I took a deep breath in and exhaled because I couldn’t believe what I was about to confess. “I am falling for her, hard and fast. No woman has ever done to me what your sister has.”

“That’s enough for me, Dran. Thank you.”

I sure hope she didn’t hear what we were talking about because she just walked out after her sister spoke.

“Oh, hey, baby. I am going to head back to the bar and get ready and make sure the headliner arrived and set up.” I squeezed her and bent down to whisper in her ear, “We will finish what we started, later. Pack an overnight bag, I want you to stay over tonight. You look hot so I’m going to have to get extra bouncers around the VIP section tonight. Romy, you look good too.” I winked at them both. I knew how Del loved my winks.


As soon as he walked out the door, Romy and I squealed.

“Did he just say what I think he said?”

“Yeah, I looked good too...” Romy smirked with a lilt in her voice.

“No...really?” I grimaced. “He said he was falling for me!”

“Oh yeah, that too,” Romy giggled. “How do you feel about that?”

I began to pace back and forth. “I mean, I like him a lot.”

“But do you get the ‘butterflies’ when he calls or texts you? Do you dream of him at night and daydream about him during the day? Do you count down to the time you’ll see him again? Do you see yourself getting old with him, having his children? Can you open up to him?”

“Well, I did tell him about David!” I blurted out.

“What, you told him about that slug?”

I nervously nodded. “Maybe, I am falling for Dran Wilder…”

Suddenly Romy’s face contorted to a look I’ve never seen her make before. It didn’t make me confident—but I wasn’t about to rock the boat and ruin the night festivities.

“Does he know about the other incident?” She narrowed her gaze and crossed her arms.

“No, and he won’t until I want to tell him.!” I put on more lip gloss and put my jacket on, and we headed out.

Dran: Hey there, I think we need to talk about something later tonight. Nothing bad, but it needs to be said. And my sister is probably coming tonight. She’ll love you, just giving you a heads up.

Me: Okay, see you soon.

When we arrived, Dran and his band were on stage. They planned on performing three songs; then his headliner would do a five-song set and one encore. I gave an animated wave to Carlo, and he returned my greeting with an enthusiastic salute. His goofiness made me chuckle.

I made eye contact with my man...oops, did I stake claim to him! Ha-ha, yeah, I guess I did. We didn’t have to pay an entrance fee, and the drinks were on the house. It’s good to be the boss’s woman. I did it again; laughing. He said he would be singing new songs tonight.

His first was a song he titled: Hunt Her Down.

“Without knowing what you have done to me, you unleashed something that I subconsciously kept buried.

Once I find you, once I hunt you down, you will discover just what it is you do to me.

You have brought this upon yourself, you turned me into the man that’s left begging for your affection.

I will find you; I will hunt you down and shower you with all the devotion I have for you.

You have unleashed the demon, he’s craving for you and will stop at nothing to claim you!”

I guess I couldn’t be surprised when he only gazed at me from the stage as he sang. That’s what happens when you’ve inspired someone.

After this song, he performed another, this time Gray sang. He’s the lead guitar, but I still understood the meaning of the song. Corin co-wrote it. It was titled Morning After.

“What we shared was intense, you got scared, and I did nothing to ease the fear.

I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t want to possess you, didn’t want to capture you, and make you mine.

Let me be the warden of your body, heart, and mind.

Everything that you are, every time you breathe that is what I seek.

Nothing is more pleasurable than seeing you, meek.”

The rest of the song was a haunting melody.

He dipped off the stage and as he wiped the sweat from his broad forehead and chest, he extended his hand to me. We disappeared before anyone noticed. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a statuesque blonde staring with daggers pointed right at me. I had a feeling she was going to be trouble. It’s a good thing our father taught Romy and me Krav Maga.

When we got to his office, he changed t-shirts and sat me on his desk. Was it wrong to adore being handled like a rag doll?

“I don’t have much time, but I know you heard the conversation I had with Romy. I wasn’t planning on letting you find out that way. I wanted to do it right, make it special.”

I yanked him back to me, laying my cheek on his chest to hear and feel his heart beating.

“It’s okay. She put you on the spot. I’m just delighted to know you feel the same way I do.” I shut my eyes, pausing for a moment. “I’m falling for you, too...hard.” Gulping, I chose my next words, carefully. “I don’t understand the bond I feel toward you, but it’s running deep, and I know I may be naive but I don’t want to fight how I feel.”

“Wait, you’re what...” he stuttered.

I lifted his chin. “In love with you, at least I am beginning to be. I think I’ve spent a lifetime looking for someone like you. And if you feel the same way for me, then it’s all worthwhile.”

“I want to hold you so badly. I am just not sure how much more I can take when you’re not laying in my embrace, day after day, night after night.” His lips brushed against my earlobe.

“Those damn dreams make it so hard to sleep, and they are just getting more intense. I haven’t had a moment's peace knowing you’re real. Knowing that you’re so close, but so far away.” I was now babbling. I was so flustered by the closeness but not able to satiate the thirst.

“I’m here. I’m right in front of you. I’m not going anywhere unless you’re with me.” He left my arms and turned away from me. “I love you, all right! Damn it, woman, I was enamored with you the first day I saw you here.”

I hopped down from his desk and gave him one final kiss before he carried me back to the stage for his last song.

“Wait, Dran what are you doing?” I pleaded.

“You’re coming with me.” He looked me dead in my eyes, burning my retinas. “Be with me, be mine tonight.”

“I am yours. What are you asking me?” I hollered at him, again pleading to let me down.

He put me down, held my hands, and took a knee—oh no, what is he about to do?

“Be my girlfriend!” It wasn’t a question. It was more of a command, but it didn’t bother me. I already knew I was, he just needed me to admit it.

“Of course!” I squealed.

That’s when he dragged me out on stage with him.


“Tonight, I’ll be singing a song I debuted two weeks ago, but its meaning is different now. See, because the lady in my dream is now the lady in my life. I asked her to be mine, and she said yes!” She should have been mad at me for making her a spectacle, but she wasn’t. She beamed with pride.

She stood there, moving with the eerie rhythm as I sang ‘Lady in my Dream’ to her and the audience.

Uh, crap Juniper and my sister are here, of all the nights for Juniper to be here and in the VIP section. She doesn’t look pleased. Before we became friends with benefits, we were good friends. Now, she’s throwing daggers at my woman. We will have to have a conversation, but not tonight.


Once he was finished performing my song, he carried me off the stage; legs securely wrapped around him and his mouth on mine. The audience cheered and hollered. The band went backstage to clean up, then returned to VIP to hang out with their partners. Gray sat beside this red-headed girl, near black-eyed beauty. The girl looked like a female version of Dran. This must be his sister, Carmen. Corin sat next to Romy. Or, shall I say, Romy almost shared the mans’ pants. Patrick, or as the guys called him, ‘Sweet’, and Reeha were a couple. They immediately couldn’t be separated once they were off stage.

Dran rolled his eyes., “Do we need to hose you off each other, again?”

I lovingly punched Dran, teasingly kissed his nose, and retorted, “Oh stop, it’s cute and what were we doing not too long ago in your office?” Ha-ha, I made him blush!

“Thanks, girl! What’s your name?” Reeha probed as we high-fived one another.

“Delores, nice to meet you. And don’t stop on our account,” I giggled.

Dran interrupted us, “You know we were in private. It’s different.”

“Oh, really, now? So, if I did something like this, you’d tell me to stop?” With one rapid, smooth movement, I stood in front of him, bent over (which I discovered was a mistake) and began to blow in his ear. He surprised me by pulling me down onto his lap and opened one of the snaps of my corset. “What are you doing?”

“Shh...” he quieted me by holding his finger in front of my mouth. But I wasn’t going to let him win. I seductively licked his finger, his face froze, and I could see what that face meant. “You’re going to regret that,” he growled.

“Oh, but we’re in public.” I won...well, maybe not.

“Not for long, baby!” He picked me and placed me back on the purple velvet couch. “Excuse me, I need to introduce the band.” Batting his long dark lashes at me, he strutted to the mic.

As I sat talking to Romy and Corin, I felt someone sit down beside me. At that moment, I wasn’t paying much attention since Dran was bringing the band on stage.

“Hey, guys listen up. Have you ever wondered what a soul does when turned away from heaven or hell?”

The crowd screamed, “No! What happens?”

He projected his voice and loud as he could, he didn’t even need the microphone. “Their spirits come here to The Wolves Dento play for your sorry lots!” He pumped his fist as they cheered. The crowd loved him. “Come on, give it up for Ghost!”

The instruments counted off and the lead singer began to sing, he wore a skeleton mask or makeup, I couldn’t tell, and he dressed like an evil pope.

I couldn’t believe it...I knew this band! I began to stand, but two pairs of hands pushed me back down.

“Hey, what’s that about!” I was agitated, and then I looked to my left, and it was the gorgeous blonde I saw earlier.

“I need to know what is so special about you?” She had a bite to her, and that bite was about to get poisonous.

“Hey, Juniper, stand down. Do you know who you’re talking to?” Corin snapped.

“Oh, mindless, Corin, I know who this pig is!” She snarled.

Romy instinctively wanted to come to my defense, but Corin stopped her in time, nodding to who stood behind her.

“Excuse me, what did you call me? I don’t know you, and I’d choose my words wisely when addressing me.” I had to stand my ground and claim what was mine.

“Oh, dear, but I do know you, little girl. You think you can waltz your fat ass in here and steal what was mine!”

“How can I do that when you never had him in the first place? And to be fair, if that is the only insult you can dish out, I feel sorry for you.”

“You’re as clueless as your fashion sense. You stole Dran from me!” she shouted at a decibel only a dog could hear.

“Oh my God, my ears are bleeding. Whoever you are, you’re ruining the show for everyone, shut up!” Romy is awesome.

“I am Juniper Daniels!”

“Juniper!” The ground shook as the crowd was cheering for the band, that scream rose over the applause. “How old are you, thirteen?” It was Dran. He was fuming.

“Oh, hey, baby.” Like a submissive dog, she cowered. She stumbled to her feet and approached him, cautiously.

What did she call my man! “Oh, hell no!” No one was going to hold me back. With no warning, I stood in front of her, still taunting me, then she threw her drink in my face. Dran was about to remove her, but no, she wasn’t going to mess with me and get away with it. I know it was wrong, but at this point, I didn’t care. I threw a straight punch in a Krav Maga technique. She nearly flew across the bar, but Dran caught her and removed her from the area.

“Oh my God, girl, where did you learn how to do that? You’re stronger than you look.” It was from Carmen. “You’re Dran’s girl. He works out and boxes every day. He’s never been that good with punching.”

“Yeah, I’m Delores. He’s told me a lot about you, Carmen, right?”

“So, where did you learn that, and can you teach me? Dran won’t let me train.”

“My dad taught Romy and me Krav Maga.” Romy and Carmen exchanged smiles and waves. “It’s Israeli martial arts. Sure, I can teach you.”


“What...?” I turned around, and there he was in an intimidating stance.

“Come with me...please,” Dran growled.

Why did I feel like I was in trouble?


That was probably the hottest thing I have ever seen, but it shouldn’t have happened.

“I’m disappointed in you.” Well, that statement hurt her. I could hear her sniffling and shallow breathing from behind me.

“I’m s-sorry.” Delores was crying. Oh, geez, crying!

I stopped walking and just wrapped my arms around her in the hallway. We could still hear the band playing incredibly on stage, and we were missing it because Juniper had to get drunk and act like an ugly, entitled bitch. I didn’t know my little lady packed quite a punch.

“Look, I know she got to you, but she was drunk and hurt. I had a conversation with her before tonight, and I pled with her not to come. You could have just told me she was harassing you and I would have dealt with her. Now there is a chance she’ll press charges against you for assault.”

Delores was shocked. I could understand why, but at the same time, I didn’t doubt Juniper’s resentment. “If she does threaten it, I will pay her off, but you need to try and not lose control with her. She may be all bark but no bite, but she could destroy you.”

“Okay, Dran. I will try...for you.” I wiped her tears away and kissed her nose.

“Now, go freshen up and come back out there so we can enjoy our night as an official couple. I want to show my Hebrew Ninja off.”

Finally, a laugh. An honest smile from my little Raven.

“Can you wait for me?” She took in a deep breath.

“Of course, baby. Hurry, their second song is ending.”


Luckily, we didn’t miss the last three songs they sang and had a ball. Carmen and I bonded, and Reeha is so cool. We are making plans for a girl’s night in a couple of weeks, and I can’t wait to carry them out.

Now, at 2 A.M., the bar was slowing down. Carlo called for the last call. We said goodnight to all our friends and headed up to Dran’s apartment. What was supposed to be a great night out had its bumps, but it eventually ended on a good note. We were both exhausted. But we both were looking forward to falling asleep in each other’s arms. Dran put on some nature sounds he says soothes his mind. Now he’s sleeping like a baby. He knows I will be with him when he closes his eyes, and I will be there when he opens them in the morning. I snuggle close to him, his body heat keeping me warm as I drift off to sleep.

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