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Taking a Moment

I haven't taken a moment to write a blog in quite some time. And I think I know why. No, I don't think - I know why. It's because I just didn't believe anyone would care what I had to say... about anything. Look, I'm far from the US Today Award-Winning authors. I am nowhere near a NYT Best Selling author. So, take what I say with a grain of salt. I just love spinning romantic tales with many layers, twists and turns, humor, and steam. I never claim to know what works, because I do what works for me. I'm just tired of sticking myself in the corner. And we all know what Johnny said, "no one puts Baby in the corner."

I chose romance because of the blooming onion effect the genre offers. Romance - if executed the right way, can be full of intrigue, mystery, drama at every turn, and just when you least expect it... the main characters get their happily ever after... or, do they? I love that the most about the timelessness of the romance genre. I just wished more authors like me received the exposure, attention, and kind words our more successful counterparts received.

I am a Jewish indie romance author with four books published. Originally from Long Island, NY, currently living in East Tennessee with my family. I have been writing since I was 12 years old and now, I'm in my early 40s. So, that's well over 30 years. I was inspired to write because growing up, I was an outcast. I had no real friends I could confide in. I didn't feel confident to speak to anyone - let alone my family without being chastised and ridiculed. Writing gave me that outlet, that kindship, that romantic love.

Inspiration always played a part in my ability to express myself in the creative process. I think all of my collogues and audience would agree that in order for ideas to follow, something is drawn from an inspirational moment. Maybe it was a memory - good or bad? Perhaps a dream? I know that my second book, Dreaming of Wilder was born from a dream I had. It was so vivid, I had to get up at 3:00am and write it down. My first book, Class of '95 was actually a rewrite of a book, I had handwritten years prior and was inspired by the town I grew up in and the year I graduated from high school. It was written in response to not wanting to go to my own twenty-year HS reunion.

I think characters birth themselves. Like the mother of dragons, they already exist somewhere - in one form or another, I simply give them air, life, vocabulary through my fingertips. So, all my characters are derived from me or people that had affected my life in certain capacities. For example, Eunice from Class of '95 is loosely based on me. And well, Jake was inspired by any guy I ever crushed on. The only difference, that crush truly loved Eunice.

You know many people I look up to have their own way of doing things. Their own processes if you will. I don't. I've been trying to write full time, but I do things when I have the drive to do them. Like tonight, something just told me - "'get your butt up and write something.'" Believe me, I wasn't going to. But like my dysfunctional tribe of misfits, that feeling was incessant. My process is mine and mine alone. You know, I was told once that my writing style wasn't their "cup of tea" because it was too prose fiction. I don't mind writing like Virgina Woolf. But for some, I guess it's too intricate.

I have found that how I write - my style, might turn some readers off. I suppose the way I write might be archaic. And that's okay. I have likes and dislikes. I just hope writers new to the game understand that and won't feel discouraged. Because sharing your passion with others is something that is great therapy. And right now, people could use more escapism. I'd just stress the importance of not being too offended by reviews. They are a necessary evil. And I know my opinion is not a popular one and it's fine. But I have learned that there is constructive criticism and just plan nastiness. I don't mind the constructive criticism but the straight up nasty reviews to me, is just plan unnecessary. I have had my share of bad reviews. And these reviews are always based off a misinterpretation of the characters, or they hadn't even read the book - only the blurb. They already had a biased based on the blurb without really reading it and getting to know the individuals. I just try to let new authors know, it's one person's opinion and not to let their own personal triggers affect you and the story you're telling.

Just like I probably love books others might hate. I am a huge Anne Rice fan. I love nearly all her vampire chronicles. But my all-time favorite series are her Mayfair Witches. It's been years since I've read them, but since the television show has been advertised, I will be reading the series again. Anne Rice is an author I strived to have been, but luckily there could only be one Ms. Rice. She did inspire me to write my own vampire romance though! That's in development and I cannot wait to publish Feasting on Youth next year!

I truly am grateful to everyone who has read and loved my work. And I even value and appreciate those who don't. This is the beauty of books; we all have tastes and like a fine wine, there are varying notes of flavors - from sweet to dry, bold to subtle. And with a taste from each, we learn new things about ourselves and maybe the author?

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