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Recently, I had the chance to ask some of my Instagram followers who read my book - Class of '95 some questions pertaining to my book and their own processes in writing. Their responses astounded me. Especially one person in particular. Someone I have always held in high regard.

Without further ado, here is what M. Terry had to say.


1- What was your favorite part about Class of ‘95?

I love that at the end they ended up in a loving relationship having each other’s backs no matter what.

2- How do you interpret the dynamic between Geri and Eunice?

I think their dynamic was very hurtful but ultimately helped Eunice to become the person she flourished in to.

3- How do you feel about the way Jake treated Eunice throughout high school?

I feel like it was cowardly but I understand why he did it.

4- Where do you think the sequel is going?

I hoping the sequel will expand on the characters in the first book.

5- What would you say your favorite writing style is?

Not even sure I know what my writing style is. LOL

6- How do you maintain a workable flow of ideas?

I write it down no matter where I am, literally. I’ve even written a chapter while in the shower. LOL Once I get them all together then I order them how I want them to unfold in my book.

7- How do you maintain consistency in your plot?

I don’t think I ever tried to keep consistently in my plot i just kept writing about it until the plot thickened and changed.

8- What do you think you can expect to see from me next?

Great things, more books.

9- Of all your own personal projects or what you’re reading currently, what do you find most fulfilling?

I find the most fulfilling is reading the comments my readers leave. It tells me they are enjoying the book and it makes them want to say something.

10- What would you say is my strong suit?

You have an incredible way of expressing words to make people cry.

Author Note:

Starting January 4 - February 4 I will be having scheduled book tours. It's not too late to register. Link is here:

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