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NoAnna Brown Author Feature

NoAnna was born in sunny Southern California. She has graduated from Thomas Edison State University with a bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts and is currently going for a Master's in Library Information Science. She still lives in Orange County with her pet rabbit Puddleglum and is contemplating her next move while sipping either a Tami Fresca or a coffee from her favorite coffee shop, Buenas Coffee in Costa Mesa.

1. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I am not honestly sure. I think when I watched and read things like Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, and watched an adaptation of Sense and Sensibility where the youngest Dashwood sister said she wanted to be a writer. It was nice to see characters being writers in their own world. When I was 12, I tried writing my first book- a fanfiction (before I even knew what fanfiction was) parody/continuation of The Lord of Rings, which took me over 4 years to complete. Am now currently in the process of rewriting and expanding the story to something that is its own universe. Can see two in progress works on Wattpad, Clash of Blade and Magic and Of Aether and Magic. I had also attempted to write two stories with other writers or friends, but never went anywhere. As a woman of 30, I now want to write more than ever and get my stories out there.

2. How long does it take you to write a book?

Honestly, it depends. First novel I ever wrote took four years, and my other works that I have out now are still incomplete. The one I am close to finishing is Finn of Area-51, which is the first book in a trilogy, and should be done in about 2-3 more chapters .

3. What is your work schedule like when you're writing?

As I have begun working full time again and have also taken on Freelance work as well as Door dashing, it varies. Though I want to set aside an hour and a half each day to write/work on various projects.

4. What would you say is your unique writing quirk?

While I can listen to music while writing, I cannot listen to an audiobook. Too distracting. Also, I have found writing by candlelight also helps too.

5. Whether it be traditional, self, or story book apps. How’d you find the publishing process?

It can be tricky, especially if you have your heart set on traditional publishing. At the moment, I have only used sort apps like Inkitt and Wattpad, mostly to gain an audience and see if I have anyone interested in my work. So far, slow going as there is a lot of chaff mixed in with the wheat, so to speak. It makes it hard to get noticed. Looking at friends who have chosen to self-publish versus traditionally publish, it seems to be a mixed bag. It all seems to depend on what works for them, especially when it comes to copyright.

6. How much of your writing process involves research in your subject matter or plot?

While for stories that involve fantasy or mythology and folklore, I do scour the internet, read articles, and stories based on those myths and also try to put my own unique spin on it as well. I don't want to give my readers a rehash of the same old thing but something thought-provoking and interesting.

7. When did you write your first book and how old were you?

As previously mentioned, first story I ever wrote I began when I was 12-13, had absolutely adored the LOTR movies and got inspired to write a continuation of them. What happened to Frodo and Gandalf once they traveled across the sea to the Elves home country? As a kid, I thought got married and settled down, only to have their offspring go on their own sort of adventure. Though this would definitely be considered Fanfiction, in a sense, it very soon became something entirely different and set the course for a universe and story idea I am trying to get down on paper (physical or otherwise). The other big story or book I am trying to complete is Finn of Area-51, which is based in part off a dream I had about a teenage girl seeing albino aliens being tested and mistreated, essentially turning them into mindless zombies.

8. What do you like to do when you're not writing?

Hahaha as an adult, sleep. But for fun, reading and drawing or playing with my pet rabbit, Puddleglum.

9. What does your family think of your writing?

I once let my older brother and sister-in-law read a rough first draft of a zombie story and he began to burst out laughing. Not because it was bad but because he found my dry sense of humor absolutely perfect.

10.What was one of the most surprising things you learned about yourself in creating your books (characters, location, plot)?

That I could actually play "God" and create these stories in the first place. To be honest, I have not really considered this much.

11.What is it you particularly like about the genre you write?

I have a mixture of genres, but let's say I stick close to young adult fiction- mainly science fiction, fantasy, and horror --but making the characters real and believable versus carbon copies of things we see elsewhere. I like being able to look to the last as well as the future.

12.Do you have any suggestions to help others become writers?

If so, what are they? Read. Write. Whether it is on your phone, a notebook, or even a pad of legal paper, just write it down. You never know who might enjoy or need to hear what you have to say.

13.Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?

I think I have had maybe two or three writers leave comments on my work. Two have actually written reviews of blurbs that managed to boost my spirit and make me keep going. So far, I have not heard an unkind word from anyone.

14.Do you like to create books for your target audience?

Yes, I do.

15.What do you think makes a good story?

The characters and the writers ability to make the story real. How they suck you in and help you escape or find yourself elsewhere- it's magic.

16. How do you handle writers block and what do you tell other aspiring authors who may be fighting or fearful about hitting that wall?

As I am currently experiencing writers block, I sometimes watch television or read a book. Listening to music and pumping myself up works somewhat. Right now, though, I am trying to be more vigilant with my writing and set aside at least an hour and a half for writing alone.

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