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More to Sneak Peek: The Silver Bullet Clan

This is going to be a short post just to announce that chapter 11 is now available on Wattpad and Inkitt. The plot is getting good, thicker, and more angst driven. But soon poor Desi's world is going to come crashing down. Stay tuned and tune in for more. When it is completed in ways of writing and editing, it will be published professionally.

Without further ado, some teasers:

Both text teasers were created digitally by Noell Ahern

Both art illustrations depicting a very tense scene from Chapter 4 is done by Sophie Louise Walker

The final piece is a character you will meet when you least expect it. Aesthetic created by Alyssa Disanza

Happy reading everyone. I hope you curl up with a good book tonight! Side note, if you have not read my first professionally published book - Class of '95, now is a great opportunity because my publisher is offering: 10% off on all paperbacks for Global Delivery. Use Promo Code: CNT10 during Checkout | Offer Valid till 14th Feb'21

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