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Interview with M. Reeds

A Little Something About M. Reeds:

M. Reeds is a young indie author from the Midwest. Once she picked up reading after high school, she’s come to love any and every book with age-gaps, student-teacher, taboo, and reverse harem romances. She’s even written, and is writing, a few of her own! Her best friend gave her the push she needed to write her first novel, Teacher’s Pet.

She’s made dear friends throughout this journey and joined a book club. She interacts with them on a daily basis, and without them she would lose her mind! On top of that, she loves to have fun by going out and having a good time or staying in and watching a great movie. Most of the time, you’ll catch her rewatching anime, Twilight, and Harry Potter.

Questions and Answers:

1. What made you want to be an author?

I had always enjoyed creating stories. As a child, I would write and draw in comic books and write short stories. As an adult, I’ve come to love writing because of my best friend. She just so happens to be an amazing author, Liley Cruz. She encouraged me to write my first book, and if it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be the author I am today.

2. Typically, what was the timeframe it took you to write your books?

My most known book, Teacher’s Pet, was the first book I wrote and finished. I started writing it on 4/20/2020 - and finished writing it on 7/17,2021. It’s not published yet, but it’s being sent off to my editor in May. Hell Night: A Dark & Bloody Anthology took around 3-4 weeks to write and then we had it published. That is the quickest I’ve ever written something

3. Are you a planner or pantser?

I would say I’m both. I like to plan out things when I can, it makes it easier to write too. I often write chapter to chapter.

4. What would you say is your unique writing style?

I tend to try to keep my chapters within a certain word count range.

5. Whether it be traditional, self, or story book apps. How did you find the publishing process?

I started writing on Wattpad and Inkitt. My writing career bloomed from there

6. How much of your process includes doing research into your subject matter or plot?

I like to be as knowledgeable as I can be about any topic I’m writing. I don’t want to offend any community based on writing something incorrectly. If I don’t know the answer to something, or the correct way to do it, I will search it up or ask someone who knows.

7. How old were you when you first discovered your passion for writing?

I had just turned twenty years old when I started writing Teacher’s Pet.

8. When you’re not writing, what do you enjoy doing with your time?

When I’m not writing, I spend my time by reading, talking to my best friends and watching my comfort shows.

9. Is your family supportive?

Yes, my family is supportive of me writing. I would prefer if they didn’t read any of my works (sorry, Mom). They want me to be successful in all my endeavors. They know this makes me happy, therefore making them happy because I’m happy

10. What was one of the most surprising things you learned about yourself in creating your books (characters, location, plot)?

I write very dark things sometimes, that even surprise me. I’ll be rereading over what I wrote, and be like “Did I actually write that?”

11. What is your favorite component about the genre you write?

I love getting to build relationships between my characters. Whether it’s something romantic or dark, it’s very fun watching my little world grow.

12. What advice would you give to help others become writers?

As cliché as this may sound, follow your dreams. Don’t give up. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve worried that someone won’t like my book or that I won’t be as successful as another author. We all start at the same place—putting words to paper. It’s such a fun journey when you let loose and focus on yourself. Not everyone will like your book, and there will be authors more successful than you out there, but that doesn’t mean you should stop. That’s just something to make you push harder.

13. Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?

More people have been leaving reviews for Hell Night: A Dark & Bloody Anthology on Amazon and social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. However, the most amount of feedback I get from readers is on Inkitt and Wattpad. They often try to guess what is going to happen in the next chapter and leave fun comments on the “spicier” chapters. At the end of every comment section, they’re asking—begging—for the next chapter to be released and I absolutely love it. I appreciate it more than anything, because their excitement and anticipation gets me excited and encourages me to continue writing the story.

14. Do you like to create books for your target audience?

I like to create books for myself, but I write a lot of different “tropes” so hopefully I have a cup of tea for everyone.

15. What pulls you in about a book? Do you read a book based on the cover or the summary?

I’m not very picky when it comes to reading. Sometimes the cover pulls me in, sometimes it’s the description, or even the reviews left on it. Even if the book includes my favorite “trope”, I’ll read it even if it has bad reviews.

16. How do you handle writer's block and what do you tell other aspiring authors who may be fighting or fearful about hitting that wall?

I write many books at once, so if I get writer’s block on one, I’ll start working on another. I haven keep working, because the longer I take breaks, the harder it is to get back in touch with the book. Reading books helps me too. Sometimes they plant a seed in my brain. Don’t give up on writing, but don’t let yourself get burnout.

Final Note: M. Reeds is the other most anticipated author feature I got to publish on my blog. She has such a passion for her abilities, and it shows in the feedback she is receiving from readers. Hell Night is a book I cannot wait to sink my teeth into, and I just know I am going to want to read more of her work - as will you!

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