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Goal of 2021

I know this post comes late in the year, but it took some time and results that would have determined the tone of this blog post. Many of you that may read this probably had a very trying 2020 and couldn’t wait for it to end. Well, here we are a new year and in home in the US – a new and in MY opinion an IMPROVED president and vice president. Both people I could get behind. And I know what some may think, “oh Laurie you wouldn’t have liked it if another republican won.” First, that simply is not the case. Had it been a completely different republican I may not have voted for that candidate, but anyone would have been better than the one that was squatting there for four years. I am relieved, satisfied, comfortable, and confident in the future for the next four years and happy that this country is holding that criminal accountable for his crimes, along with his minions that encouraged him, egged him on, and supported him.

That all being said, my goals for 2021 is as follows:

1- Get my second book A Dormant Howl published

2- Get healthy again.

3- Get my son potty trained.

4- Have dates with my husband.

5- Write more often – includes getting organized so I can write

more than one WIP at a time

You know each of these goals bare such a heavy weight and I’ll tell you why. Because I come up with so many excuses to either procrastinate the outcome or I am just too lazy to get my butt into gear. For example, number two. Although my excuse is a valid one, I know I can start the task before I have insurance. But do I get my ass off the couch and hold myself accountable and do something about it? No, no I don’t. It’s really a shame too because I know I can do it if I set my mind to it. There are so many other reasons why I may set myself up for failure and perhaps the reason why I delayed my blog post was due to my inability to face myself? Perhaps it’s fear? And a fear of what? Failure, success, completion, or that I saw it through to fruition? Perhaps. But nonetheless – the tasks must be done, and they will be. But at what pace? Only two words would do – my own.

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