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Even Love Can Be Taboo: A sneak peek into Delta, Tanner, and Jerry

You may have thought I didn't have any spice in this book so far. You may be wondering where the steam is? Well, let me tell you, this is going to have as much steam, passion, and action as the other books I have written, but because you need to know the history behind the Silver Bullet Clan, the steam is at a slow boil - for now.

But, I thought you could use a bit of a sneak peek into Delta Rose, Tanner, and Jerry's budding, yes THREE, budding romance. I do have a method to my madness and there is a reason why they are in a harem-eques aspect to this relationship, but there is a reason that I cannot and will not divulge right now. I did it in Class of '95 and it worked and surprisingly - very well received. And before you ask, Jerry and Tanner are not gay. I don't have problems with homosexuality, in fact I love the LGBTQ community, but in this particular book, Tanner and Jerry are only with Delta, not each other.

Untitled Chapter Sneak Peek

Without turning around, I began to cry softly. But, then a shadow lingered before me. A set of fingers lifted my chin so I would look upon the man who demanded my attention.

“I think the Moon Goddess is giving us that redo, baby. There is so much happening that you don’t realize. So many things we need to make you understand, Delta. You’re our mate for a reason. But, our first mate is still here too, within you.” Kissing me hard, Jerry took my bottom lip in between his teeth, dominating my resolve and as I gasped against his fervent moving lips. He took that opportunity to kindle my fire with his gunpowder.

“Can’t you feel her exuding through your pores? Her voice, is starting to meld with yours. Lennon tried to kill her and Corah to get to us, but what he didn’t realize was, she’s part druid. She holds magic, and when you accepted us, she began to heal. Corah is beginning to get her howl back. Don’t you feel it, baby?” Tanner’s carnal breath tickled my ear. As he begins to press his body against mine, I lean into both men, feeling both their hardened lengths causing a rushing heat to rise within my abdomen.

“I feel a lot of things right now . . .” The back of my head tilts back against Tanner’s shoulder, giving Jerry the opportunity to run the tip of his tongue down the curve of my throat and allowing Tanner to devour my oral cavity, cascading chills from the top of my head down to the painted tips of my toes.

How are we going to end the night here? Do I invite them to spend the night with me? There are still so many unanswered questions I needed ask them. But, did I want to share more with them than just unanswered questions? Or, did I just want to give into this experience of unbridled, animalistic hunger?

Then, I got my answer from the Alpha.

“Let’s take our woman to bed.”

Sneak Peek illustration drawn by Gina Hilton digital artist on Instagram

Teaser Passage from Chapter 3 - digitally created by Noell Ahern of Instagram

This is it for tonight. I hope you enjoyed the sneak peeks. As a reminder, I am having two Author Features this month. February 15: Noelle Ahern and February 28: Julia Vellucci

For those of you interested in reading A Dormant Howl, you can now find chapters 1-11 on Wattpad and Inkitt - only until I am ready to publish it professionally.

A Dormant Howl - Introduction and Aesthetics - Wattpad

Chapter Introduction | A Dormant Howl by Laurie_writes_stories at Inkitt

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