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A Work In Progress: A Dormant Howl

A Dormant Howl Summary contributed by editor: Noell Ahern

Previously hidden and living amongst humans, the Lycans were to be feared and revered amongst men. Part human with the soul of a Beast, they were deemed protectors and creatures to be respected, feared, and worshipped. Believed to be descended from gods, mating between Lycans and humans was forbidden- considered by many to be an abomination. Adhering to conservative doctrine and Druid superstition, the Lycans found ways to twist the Moon Goddess' blessings of true mates to suit their agenda. This agenda was tested by none other than the Silver Bullet clan...

The girl next door with the secret...

Ever since she can remember, Desdemona "Desi" Patchett has been treated like a princess by her family- especially her father and renowned lycan general, Roland Patchett. But she cannot understand why she is treated like a porcelain doll or why she needs protectors- especially not the affable and kind son of the Alpha, Jeremiah Nolan, or the silent but golden future Beta, Tanner Wilcox. She has known them all her life yet cannot shake the bond that she has with both. As she grows older, this bond is tested by love, jealousy, betrayal, and her own secrets. For with the help of her father and mother, she carries something deep hidden inside her- a force so powerful and strange it could change the world of the Lycans forever.

The betrayal of a clan ally and the rejection of love...

Upon the eve of her sixteenth birthday, Desdemona is set to become who she wants to be, which means making difficult choices and growing up faster. But bitter emotions and long hidden secrets will come to head- revealing the inner secrets of the clan and Desdemona's family's own past. When the truth comes out about who and what she is as well as what she has kept hidden within her since she was six years old, will she be able to survive what comes next and protect everyone she loves or will she die trying, maintaining a dormant howl?

Chapter 1 Sneak Peek (Created by N. Ahern)

Clan Family Crests: (Crests designed by Alyce Emma

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