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A Sneak Peek into the Future

SOS: Send over Someone

Two years after Delores and Dran married, they have been living in loving, peaceful harmony with their children in Montreal, Canada. They will make appearances throughout the story, but at its core, the main characters of this book are Romy Schweitzer and Dorian Corretti.

While Romy is studying in Tel Aviv University for rabbinical studies, she receives disturbing news – her loving, dedicated, and fiercely proud father mysteriously dies. He has been discovered by the janitorial staff of his synagogue with a single gunshot to his head.

The one who called her of the news is Dran’s older brother, Dorian. Dorian and Romy have been having an unattached, at times platonic relationship after their siblings wedding. Romy has serious trust issues since she ended her relationship with Corin, who may or may not have been trying to win her back after he discovered the woman, he dumped Romy for had been deceiving him and attempted to saddle him with a child that wasn’t his.

While Romy is distraught with the news of her father’s murder, her studies that now have to be put on hold (she only has a year left), she now has to decide on which man she wants to give her heart to. Corin – the young man boy that broke her into a million pieces, or the dream man every woman would break their necks to get to – Dorian…

While all this is going on, a question should be asked…where is Falcon??

Class of Justice

Four years after Jake and Eunice’s story ended, it’s now time to go on a journey of discovery with Ashley Castellano behind the wheel. She’s returned to Boston to finish the first four years at Harvard, still working as a manager at her father’s tattoo parlor with her now live-in boyfriend – Reese. They have their ups and downs, but soon you will truly see how they will go succumb to an emotional inferno that will finally put their relationship to the ultimate test, one that not even her father – Jake Castellano can get her out of.

While she has applied to Harvard Law, she also applied to Yale School of Law, Univ. of Southern California – Gould School of Law, and California Western School of Law. Since she had the house in San Diego, she decided to move back home and attended California Western School of Law. Reese didn’t want to lose her, so he joined her, taking the job offer Jake proposed as one of his trainers in his San Diego location. This would be where the tides change for the couple. You may be wondering – where is Uncle Corey in all the drama? Oh, don’t you worry – he is a magnet for drama and swarms to it like a moth to a flame when he finds out Ashley is coming home. He waits no time in trying to get Reese out of the picture, but quickly finds out, his methods have a way of blowing up in his face - when you guessed it, Reese is accused and eventually tried for rape.

Corey may come across as a bad guy, but he’s not. His intentions weren’t to get Reese charged with a crime; it was merely to get him away from Ashley. How will this affect his relationship with the Castellano’s? How will it end for Reese and Ashley? Will Ashley stay with Reese, will she fall in Corey’s arms? Or will she end up – alone?

A Life in a Year

Kimberly Johnson, a 30 something single woman – music teacher by profession has to face her life changing news with one object, her diary. Living in Knoxville, TN she teaches music and theatre at a high school. She lost both of her parents in a car wreck and raised by her Aunt Royah with her older sister Emilie. Emilie has been married ten years to Shawn McNamara, and they have two daughters Hope and Prudence (Pru for short). Emilie is a prosecutor for Knox County and Shawn is a real estate developer who buys and flips vintage properties. Hope is 8 and Pru is 4.

Kimberly is loved by her students and the faculty, so it comes as a shock when Kimberly dives headfirst on the asphalt in the school parking lot, keeling over in pain from her abdomen. The school security guard finds her and calls an ambulance to go to the hospital – where she later regains consciousness with her sisters face looming over her – grief stricken. It is then that Kimberly discovers she has terminal uterine cancer and has a year to live.

The surprising thing was the diagnosis was missed – because the tumor metastasized to the size of a golf ball without showing any symptoms. It wasn’t until three months before her collapse that she had been experiencing painful cramping, stomach pains, back pain, and blood in her urine. Doctors just said it could be fibroids and that nothing can be done with those. So, now she is faced with the life sentence of a year in hospice before she succumbs to her disease. They immediately remove the tumor and her uterus, only to keep it spreading anywhere else.

It is in hospice that she meets the man that will change her remaining time on earth forever. His name is Dr. Colton Davenport. He is an oncologist that starts off with a terrible bedside manner, he is all science – no emotion. He only stands at an arm’s length with his patients. You may think that’s because he doesn’t care. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. You see, he cares way too much. Kimberly affects him more than she knows, hell more than HE knows. The only problem for him is – he’s married. He’s married to the head nurse, Penelope “Poppy” Davenport. Poppy and Colton have their own problems in their marriage. They have had numerous failed attempts at getting pregnant, Colton has been unavailable emotionally to his wife for years, and he has had a few extracurricular indiscretions with the female staff before. He thinks Poppy is unaware, but he couldn’t be more blind. She knows more than she lets on.

Over time, he begins to change the way he’s been living his life. Yet, not in the way he treats his wife. Yet, she still is by his side, playing dotting wife perfectly, award winning performances. Poor Kimberly starts to develop feelings for Dr. Davenport, but she doesn’t share her feelings with him. He doesn’t realize how deep her feelings went until he finds her – diary.

As he reads the passages things happen, feelings change, outlook on life’s moments – alters. Now, will they shift back towards his wife or will it push him further away?

And how does the loss of Kimberly affect her sister’s life?

Dark Streets

Twenty 25-year-old Duna Ilya Knight (street name Cookie) was an orphan. For as long as she could remember, she has been in the system. She had spent some time bouncing from foster home to foster home, came close to being adopted a couple of times, but once some boy got too close, she was sent packing. So, at the age of 18, she aged out of the system. High school dropout, she perfected the art of hustling. She would lore unsuspecting men into hotel rooms, not satisfy them, drug them – then rob them when they got to. Or she would pull scams out of estate sales on people who died and reap the benefits by pretending to be the long-lost family members of the one who died.

She was good at the disguises or the coverups until she got word that cops were raising the heat on her. One night, she was heading back to her where she was sleeping, she just added 500.00 to her stash, she was on an adrenaline high – like all the other times she broke into a house and got away by the skin of her teeth. Just as she turned a corner, she was rendered incapacitated. She woke up to a dark haired, bearded, vile smelling – cop laying over her numb and constrictive body. He slumped over her, cold and rigor mortis had set in. She killed a cop – at least that’s what it seemed like.

Feeling like she had no choice, she moves the cop off of her and quickly realizes something was about to happen to her before the cop died. She has no time to think or get rid of his body or get emotional. Cookie was a virgin. She may have come close either consensually or without her consent, but she never went all the way, so when she saw she was naked from the waist down, she only gave herself mere seconds to break down. The rest of the time, she dedicated to the lukewarm shower her abandoned house had upstairs. She scrubbed the scrub off her flesh, until it was raw.

Eventually she heard the sirens. She shoved a few things into a duffle bag and escaped by jumping out of a second story window onto the plush overgrown grass below. She couldn’t go to the cops, after all they were the ones coming after her. So, onto the dark streets she went in search for the last person she wanted to run to for protection – Klaus Beckerwald, the fourth generation anführer (ringleader). She didn’t remember if she had parents, but she remembered him and his parents. They were her foster family from the age of 5 to 10. The moment she was old enough to understand what his father was, she begged her caseworker to remove her from the house and either place her elsewhere or back in the orphanage. At first her case worker didn’t believe the rantings of a 10-year-old orphan. His mother actually wanted to adopt her. They had three boys – Klaus, Seth, and Albert. But Cookie wanted no part of them. So, she committed her first con and accused Albert of touching her inappropriately. Cookie was removed within a few hours.

Cookie assumed that was the last time she’d ever see that family again. Until that night, the night she needed a place to hide.

Klaus Elias Beckerwald is a 30-year-old made man in the German organized crime family Blut Brüter – oldest active underworld crime family in the US. They deal in everything except narcotics and human trafficking. It all began with his great-great grandfather and when his father stepped down due to his declining health, Klaus became the youngest anführer in the Blut Brüter history. Klaus is defying all the rules. He is supposed to be settled down already with a bunch of kids nipping at his ankles, climbing on his shoulders, but he’s not wanting that life – yet. He’s been betrothed to a colleagues daughter since birth, but he hates her so he’s been putting off the engagement for as long as he can. Until she stumbles into one of his many clubs. He barely visits any of them – leaving Seth and Albert to manage them, but almost immediately he spots her, and that unmistakable dark mane of a rats nest she calls hair. Little does she know; his father had been tracking her movements since she left their home fifteen years ago.

She would have gone undetected and found him on her terms if she didn’t try to highjack a bunch of cherries from the bar.

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