Books by Romance Author Laurie Oknowsky


Class of '95

The Class of 95' Book

What would you do if you got a second chance at true love? When Eunice Rysner meets the sexy Jake Castellano, she already knows he’s going to be trouble. Though she tries to push him away to spare them both a lot of heartache, Jake is persistent. But his vindictive girlfriend and Eu’s nemesis since eighth grade, Geri Thompson, is determined to keep him all to herself-by whatever means necessary.

Even twenty years later, when the three meet up again in Long Island at their high school reunion, Eunice-now a successful novelist-can’t deny the feelings she still has for Jake. As she reacquaints herself with the now-divorced love of her life, she can’t help but wonder if this is finally the time to stand up for herself and give in to true love. But if she does, Geri may just steal everything she’s ever wanted from her yet again.


Lady in His Dream

Two strangers meet in their dreams - both from completely two different worlds. But what happens when their dreams become all too real? What happens when fantasy and reality collide? Their dreams are only the beginning. There is so much more happening between Delores Sweitzer and her wild man - Dran Corretti.

fleeting moments.png

Fleeting Moments

What would you do in those moments that just come and go with no explanation??

nothing but the unknown.png

Nothing But The Unknown

A collection of poems and pros that I have written inspired by books I have and will publish. Various artists have created images that appear in this collection of work. Thanks to two of them @HanaBlue1131 and Instagram artist vitag.draws. There's a third piece that I don't remember who drew it and it's not signed.

a dormant.png

A Dormant Howl

Every family has their secrets, myths, legends, know, history. This family is no different...well, maybe a little different. See, they are lycanthropes. And not the lycanthropes you're used to hearing about. Those are stories told by adults to their children to put them to bed at night. You know like Little Red Riding Hood, Briar Rose, Beauty and the Beast. Yeah, all lies - all fluff. No, this is a story told to give a child nightmares, because they truth is much more terrifying.