Books by Romance Author Laurie Oknowsky


Dreaming of Wilder


“Lady in my dream, I give you my everything." 


Fantasy becomes reality when Delores Sweitzer starts dreaming of Dran Aiden Wilder Corretti--a singer with deeper intentions. One night, Delores discovers Dran is more than just a dream. While getting to know him, the dream becomes fate. 


As their relationship deepens, the dream they live in becomes a nightmare when Dran's brother, Falcon, threatens Delores and steals her prized possession. Consumed by fear, Delores feels she is losing a piece of herself and decides the only thing she can do is flee the country. 


Dran fights for the lady in his dream, doing anything to win her back. Only the traumatic past reaches out, leaving Del and Dran wounded. Their walls break down and Del realizes it was just a dream.

Class of '95 | Romance

Class of '95

What would you do if you got a second chance at true love? When Eunice Rysner meets the sexy Jake Castellano, she already knows he’s going to be trouble. Though she tries to push him away to spare them both a lot of heartache, Jake is persistent. But his vindictive girlfriend and Eu’s nemesis since eighth grade, Geri Thompson, is determined to keep him all to herself-by whatever means necessary.


SOS: Send Over Someone

This is the sequel to Dreaming of Wilder. Five years after Delores and Dran married, they have been living in  loving, peaceful harmony with their children in Montreal, Canada. They will make appearances throughout the story, but at its core, the main characters of this book are Romy Schweitzer and Dorian Corretti. 

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nothing but the unknown.png

Nothing But The Unknown

A collection of poems and pros that I have written inspired by books I have and will publish. Various artists have created images that appear in this collection of work. Thanks to two of them @HanaBlue1131 and Instagram artist vitag.draws. There's a third piece that I don't remember who drew it and it's not signed.


A Dormant Howl

The Age of the Lycan...

A Dormant Howl

Previously hidden and living amongst humans, the Lycans were to be feared and revered amongst men. Previously hidden and living amongst humans, the Lycans were to be feared and revered amongst men. Part human with the soul of a Beast, they were deemed protectors and creatures to be respected, feared, and worshipped. 

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