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Dreaming of Wilder


Dreaming of Wilder
Contemporary Romance

“Lady in my dream, I give you my everything." 


Fantasy becomes reality when Delores Sweitzer starts dreaming of Dran Aiden Wilder Corretti--a singer with deeper intentions. One night, Delores discovers Dran is more than just a dream. While getting to know him, the dream becomes fate. 


As their relationship deepens, the dream they live in becomes a nightmare when Dran's brother, Falcon, threatens Delores and steals her prized possession. Consumed by fear, Delores feels she is losing a piece of herself and decides the only thing she can do is flee the country. 


Dran fights for the lady in his dream, doing anything to win her back. Only the traumatic past reaches out, leaving Del and Dran wounded. Their walls break down and Del realizes it was just a dream.

Dreaming of Wilder


A dark romance with swoon-worthy couple! Let me start by saying that I am so glad I started reading dark romance because Dreaming of Wilder is everything!
I found myself swooning over Dran and terrified for Del. And together, they're such a strong couple! The author did a fantastic job, keeping me on the edge of my seat until the shocking end. Emotional, steamy, beautiful, and shocking — you won't be disappointed.
If you like dark romance and swoon-worthy couples, you'll love this novel!

—  T.L.H.

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